Why attend?

The awards ceremony is attended by some of the most senior operators in the energy market and is the perfect opportunity to network with the sector’s finest, in exclusive surroundings with a dynamic party atmosphere on the night.

Attend The Energy Awards 2024 to:

  • Network with key decision makers: Connect with industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts, opening doors to new business opportunities and strengthening your presence in the sector.
  • Celebrate your industry: Join your customers, colleagues, and fellow industry contributors. The atmosphere is charged with excitement, making it the ideal setting for acknowledging your dedication. 
  • Support your clients and the industry: Strengthen your relationships with clients and demonstrate your unwavering support for the industry by attending with your team. 
  • Stay informed about sector innovations: The energy industry is constantly evolving, with new innovations driving its progress. At The Energy Awards, you'll have the opportunity to learn firsthand about these cutting-edge developments, gaining insights that can propel your company's growth. 
  • Enjoy an exclusive atmosphere: Be part of an exclusive, glamorous setting, complete with a wonderful night of celebration. It's a night where the energy industry celebrates its collective achievements.
  • Be part of inspiring conversations: Engage in conversations that spark inspiration and provide valuable insights into the energy market's future. Gain fresh perspectives and ideas that can impact your business strategies.
  • Meet industry leaders: Rub shoulders with key industry figures and experts who have paved the way for innovation and excellence in the energy sector. 
  • Showcase your commitment: Your presence at The Energy Awards showcases your unwavering commitment to the energy industry's growth and success. It's a statement of your dedication and support to be part of the industry’s leading awards ceremony.

Join us at The Energy Awards 2024 for an evening that combines recognition, celebration and networking.


The Energy Awards is held in the Grosvenor House Ballroom. 

JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel
Park Lane


Please visit this link for information on wheelchair access.


Grosvenor House London: Sustainability Initiatives

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